Our spacious interior courtyard (see Garden/Courtyard) is home to a wonderful toddlers’ playground. It is a terrific space for children to play and families to meet. The playground is designed specifically for 1–5-year-olds. (Older children can use the Anne Loftus Playground, at the corner of Broadway and Dyckman Street.)

Toddler Playground

The floor of the playground is layered with rubber safety surfacing, which helps to minimize the impact of trips and falls. In addition, the playground is equipped with gates around the stairs to prevent falls down the stairs. However, no playground is immune to danger. To create a safe environment for the young ones in your family, please follow these commonsense guidelines:

  • Children aged 6 and older must not use the equipment — it is not designed to support and therefore not safe for children above the age of 5. Besides, older children can damage the equipment.
  • All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Make sure the gates to the stairs are closed and latched before allowing children in the playground. Do not let the children play with the gates.
  • Please do not let toddlers stray to the staircases or into the garden — they are not childproof.
  • Use caution around the window guards.
  • Please remove toys, including tricycles, cars and trucks, pools, and all other belongings when you leave the playground.
  • Clean up after yourself. Please bring food and other garbage indoors and dispose of it properly. This is not the super’s responsibility.
  • Have fun, but be safe!

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