Superintendent and Porters

Our co-op has three full-time employees: our superintendent Shahabudeen Hyatt and two porters, Andrés and Ricky. If you have any requests or complaints relating to groundskeeping or the maintenance of our co-op’s common areas or our co-op’s property (such as windows, entrance doors, elevators), please call Shahabudeen at +1 646 407-0018, or submit a written work request via the communication box located in the lobby of your building. Please call only during working hours, unless there is an emergency (see Emergencies).

You are also required to make arrangements with Shahabudeen if you are planning to move into or out of your apartment, have furniture delivered, dispose of large quantities of garbage, or perform any other act that has the potential to affect the corporation’s property or create a nuisance or problem for your neighbors. Failure to make arrangements with Shahabudeen in situations such as these constitutes a serious violation of the Proprietary Lease.

Shahabudeen can also provide you with replacement entrance, elevator, and mailbox keys (see Keys to Entrances, Elevators, and Mailboxes for more details) and he keeps copies of all your apartment’s keys in a safe, locked key box for your convenience and in the event of emergencies (see Access to Apartments).

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