An emergency is defined as an extreme condition that threatens the building or its residents. Our superintendent is on call after hours (after 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and after 11 a.m. Saturday) for building emergencies and can be called at +1 646 407-0018. If he does not respond, call Blue Woods’ 24-hour emergency line, +1 914 524-8600 (x9), and they will locate someone to help. If the emergency is life-threatening, such as an apartment fire or a medical emergency, always call 911 first. (See Fire Safety and Smoke Detectors.)

Emergencies include water leaks through walls or ceilings, gas odors, elevator breakdown with a passenger inside, smoke, or fire. Obviously, there are other situations that might be considered emergencies. Please use good judgment before calling the superintendent after hours. For example, a brown water stain on your bathroom ceiling is not an emergency; water leaking through is (see also Repairs and Maintenance).

If an emergency requires that building staff access an apartment, access must be granted at all costs (see Access to Apartments).

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