Repairs and Maintenance

The questions most frequently asked by shareholders involve whose responsibility it is to repair and maintain things in their apartments. Basically, it boils down to the difference between inside and out. The shareholder is responsible for everything inside the apartment. This includes interior walls, floors, visible plumbing fixtures and gas lines, electrical wiring inside the apartment up to and including the breaker/fuse box, dripping faucets, running toilets, appliances, etc.

The co-op is responsible for everything outside the apartment, including the common areas and building systems. Among these are heating equipment, water supply, plumbing lines within the walls, electrical risers up to but not including the breaker/fuse box in each apartment, etc.

If you need to have something repaired for which the co-op bears responsibility, please call the superintendent or place a written request in the communications box in the lobby of your building or under the super’s apartment door in 14 Bogardus Place. Renters/sublessees should contact their landlords for repairs inside their apartments.

For a more detailed discussion of the obligations of the shareholder and the co-op regarding maintenance and repairs, see Paragraph 18 of your Proprietary Lease. (See also Alterations and Renovations, Bathroom Maintenance, and Window Maintenance.)

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