Apartment Floor Plans

NaBors Apartments consists of three buildings with six floors each. Each floor in 31 and 37 Nagle Avenue has six apartments (except the first floor of 31 Nagle, which has only three). Each floor in 14 Bogardus Place has seven apartments. It adds up to a total of 111 apartments with 19 different layouts.

Click on the apartment images below to see larger versions of the apartment layouts. (Drawings courtesy of former co-op member D.J. Squibbs.)

37 Nagle Avenue (36 apartments)

A Line
B Line
C Line
D Line
E Line
F Line

31 Nagle Avenue (33 apartments)

G Line
H Line
J Line
K Line
L Line
M Line

14 Bogardus Place (42 apartments)

R Line
S Line
T Line
U Line
V Line
W Line
X Line