The following forms are provided for your information and convenience.

Alteration Agreement (Word, 243KB). Reproduced here for your information is a copy of the form you may be asked to sign if you plan to make alterations or renovations in your apartment. If you plan to make alterations, you must contact our managing agent and obtain Board approval before you begin any work. For more information on the rules and regulations regarding alterations and renovations, see Paragraph 21 of the Proprietary Lease and the Alterations and Renovations entry in the Co-op Handbook.

Construction Notice (Word, 95KB). Once you have received approval for your alteration or renovation, you must post this notice on your building’s bulletin board and on your apartment door.

Request for Consent to Sublet Apartment (PDF, 43KB). To obtain the board’s permission to sublet your apartment, you must submit a written, signed request via the managing agent at least 60 days in advance of the proposed starting date of the sublease. This handy form makes it easy. (Note: This form is only a request for board consent, not the sublet application itself. If you get consent, the managing agent will ask you and your proposed sublessee to fill out a sublet application.) For more information, see the Sublet Policy entry in the Co-op Handbook.

Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Direct Debit Payments (PDF, 32KB). If you would like your maintenance payments to be automatically debited to your bank account, fill out this form and send it to our management company. That way, you will never miss a maintenance payment deadline again.

Community Room Rental Agreement (PDF, 23KB). The Community Room may be rented for a modest fee ($7 per each expected participant) for activities that are not co-op-related (such as a birthday party or religious gathering). The room is available free of charge for co-op-related activities. For more information, see the Community Room entry in the Co-op Handbook.

Emergency Information. Please send our managing agent the information requested on this form. It will be used to contact you in case of emergency or if management needs to have access to your apartment to conduct immediate repairs (for example, if a leak in your pipe is causing damage to the building or to the apartment below).