Managing Agent

Our management company is Blue Woods Management Group, Inc. Any nonemergency requests, complaints, etc., you have relating to the management of the co-op or relations with your neighbors should be addressed to the managing agent:

Mr. Justin Verret, Managing Agent
Blue Woods Management Group
42 River Street, 2nd Floor
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
Tel: +1 914 524-8600
Fax: +1 914 524-9100
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If your requests relate to groundskeeping or the maintenance of common areas, or if it is an emergency such as a flood or a fire, please address them to the superintendent instead (see Superintendent and Porters for more details).

Emergency requests should be addressed to the superintendent (see Emergencies). In case of emergency after business hours or on weekends, and you are unable to get hold of the superintendent, call Blue Woods’ 24-hour emergency line, +1 914 524-8600 (x9), and they will locate someone to help.

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