Whom to Contact

Below is a handy list that you can use to find out, at a glance, whom you may contact for a variety of services. For more details on the division of responsibility regarding services, read the relevant sections in this handbook.

Alterations and renovations: apartment remodeling or construction must be arranged with the Managing Agent, +1 914 524-8600, +1 914 524-9100 (fax)

Bathroom maintenance: leaks, clogged drains, small grouting jobs – Superintendent, +1 646 407-0018

Complaints about neighbors, employees of the co-op, or employees of the garage – Managing Agent

Complaints about the managing agentBoard of Directors

Elevator problems: especially if someone is trapped inside – (1) Super +1 646 407-0018, (2) Managing Agent +1 914 524-8600, (3) Century Elevator Company +1 718 937-6200


(1) Building emergencies: floods, gas odors, elevator breakdown with passenger inside, etc. – Super

(2) Life-threatening emergencies: fire, smoke, medical emergency – 911 first, then the Super

Gas odorsSuper

Garbage disposal: for assistance disposing of furniture, appliances, and large quantities of garbage – Super

Grounds maintenanceSuper

Hallways and stairs: dirty hallways, burned lights – Super

Installing major appliances: air conditioners, stoves, or appliances that involve gas pipes, plumbing fixtures, or electrical rewiring – Managing Agent

Keys: extra or replacement keys – Super

Laundry facilities: malfunctioning or broken machines, refunds, dirty room – Hercules, +1 800 526-5760, or online service request form.

Maintenance and rent payments: difficulties paying on time, payment arrangements – Managing Agent

Moving in or outManaging Agent

No hot water, no heatSuper

Noise and other disturbances:

(1) Disturbances that are likely to be short lived (loud party, fight in the hallway) or disturbances outside the co-op – 34th Precinct, +1 212 927-9711

(2) Ongoing problems with noisy neighbors in the co-op – Managing Agent

Refinancing and home equity loansTransfer Agent

Repairs and maintenance: common areas, building systems, radiators, plumbing lines in walls, no hot water – Super

Subletting or selling your apartmentTransfer Agent

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