This handbook was created to make it easy for you to find answers to the most common questions you might have as a resident of NaBors Apartments (also known as Nagle Apartments Corporation). This information was compiled from the Proprietary Lease, including the House Rules; from the minutes of Board of Directors meetings over the years, whenever there have been new co-op policies or policy changes; from the procedures followed by our managing agent; and from New York City and New York State laws pertaining to residential cooperative buildings.

This handbook mentions many of the legal rights and responsibilities of our co-op, its shareholders, and its sublessees and renters, which are governed by the terms of the Proprietary Lease and by city and state laws. However, the handbook is not exhaustive, and it is therefore not intended to replace those rights and responsibilities.

Instead, the handbook is offered as a collection of guidelines that will help preserve a degree of excellence in our residents’ lifestyles and ensure that our co-op is run in an efficient and effective manner.

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