Recommended Reading

Before you decide to purchase a co-op apartment in our buildings, read up about it:

The following books can teach you practically everything you need to know about how to buy shares in a co-op and how to live and thrive as a co-operator.

The Co-Op Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Co-Ops and Condos: Getting In, Staying In, Surviving, Thriving, by Sylvia Shapiro (price comparison). Sylvia Shapiro, a lawyer and board president of a major Manhattan apartment building, has written what will become required reading for anyone buying or selling an apartment, or curious about entering the fray of the co-op and condo market. Shapiro answers all the questions apartment dwellers are afraid of asking the board, broker, lawyer, or accountant—and she does so without talking down or a steep hourly fee. Included are such topics as: Is the building right for you? How can you make the approval process go as smoothly as possible?

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Coops and Condos in New York City, by Neil Binder (price comparison). Real Estate expert, Neil Binder, offers the newest A to Z techniques and strategies for buying and selling cooperative apartments and condominiums in the hottest real estate market in the world. The book has cutting-edge, insider information and is an indispensable guide for buying or selling in today’s changing economy. It includes worksheets and financial and legal tips to help consumers find their best options. This book is a must-have for anyone looking to buy, sell, or relocate in Manhattan in today’s market.

The Condo and Co-Op Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Owning a Condo or Co-Op, by R. Dodge Woodson (price comparison). Condos and co-ops are very similar in many ways, but they differ greatly in others. In this step-by-step guide, Roger Woodson provides readers with all they need to know when purchasing a condo or co-op and how to get the most out of their investment. Topics include: tax and legal issues affecting ownership; the pros and cons of condos versus co-ops; inspecting, evaluating, and rating potential purchases; working with brokers, developers, and private owners; negotiating and contracting the purchase; financing factors; investment potentials; and more.

Co-Op and Condo Ownership: The Complete Guide for Apartment Buyers, Owners and Boards, edited by Vicki Chesler (price comparison). Now in its second printing, this straightforward, easy-to-read reference book is packed with timely, practical information for anyone involved in co-op and condo ownership, from the first-time buyer to the veteran board president to the professional managing agent. This invaluable guide covers all aspects of ownership, from co-op and condo law to building maintenance to board operations to rights and responsibilities of shareholders to maximizing the value of your apartment when it comes time to sell. Appendices include a glossary of terms and a reference guide listing the more than 150 professionals mentioned in the book. The list includes attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, educational organizations and much more, complete with addresses, phone numbers and contact names.

How to Buy a House, Condo, or Co-Op, by Michael C. Thomsett (price comparison). Written for the first- or second-time homebuyer, this comprehensive and easy-to-understand book provides readers with all the information necessary to look for, negotiate, and successfully close on a home. Includes information on the buying process, insurance, mortgages, improvements, taxes and other ways to own a home.

Tips & Traps When Buying A Condo, Co-op, or Townhouse, by Robert Irwin (price comparison). One third of all homes sold today are condos, co-ops, or townhouses. Irwin shows what to watch for when buying one of them. These “shared ownership” options have unique pluses and minuses. The book is packed with targeted, reader-friendly advice. He shows prospective buyers how to decide if shared ownership is right for them; read between the lines of bylaws; deal with homeowners associations; check out the seven warning signs of big trouble; handle disclosures and inspections; and much more.

Keys to Purchasing a Condo or Co-Op (Barron’s Business Keys), by Jack P. Friedman and Jack C. Harris (price comparison). The authors explain the difference between condos and co-ops, and help readers decide which is best, depending on one’s personal circumstances. Barron’s easy-to-understand Business Keys take the mystery out of finance and investment for ordinary consumers.