Our elevators were overhauled in 2003 — brand-new mechanisms were installed, and the cabs were renovated with gorgeous paneling and brass fixtures. Because the mechanisms are new, it is unlikely that the elevators will break down too often, as they did in the past.

However, just in case, here is what to do if an elevator breaks down with a person inside:

  • Tell the person inside to remain calm. Help is on the way.
  • Call the superintendent at +1 646 407-0018. Leave a message if he doesn’t answer.
  • If the super is not in, call the management company’s emergency line at +1 914 524-8600 (x9). Inform the person who answers of the emergency, and urge them to call the elevator maintenance company. They will want to call the super instead, so explain that you have already paged the super and insist that they call the elevator company.
  • Tell the person inside to press the button with the phone icon. The elevator company should answer.
  • You may call the elevator maintenance company yourself. Century Elevator Company can be reached at +1 718 937-6200.
  • Return to the elevator and assure the person inside that help is on the way. Please stay with the person until help arrives.

The super has a key that permits him to open the door, so reaching him is the best possible solution and means that the person could be out in a matter of minutes. Century Elevator, on the other hand, may take up to an hour to respond because they are not nearby and may have to locate the staff person on call.

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