Keys to Entrances, Elevators and Mailboxes

One key to the entrance, one key to the elevator (for access to the basement), and one key for the mailbox are provided to each shareholder or renter when s/he first takes possession of an apartment. There is a deposit of $25 each for the entrance and elevator keys. The first mailbox key is issued free of charge or deposit. If the shareholder or his/her sublessee/renter loses any of these keys, s/he must notify the superintendent; deposits are forfeited in the event of key loss. Replacement mailbox keys will be issued for a nonrefundable charge of $5 each.

Duplicate entrance and elevator keys for others who share the household are available for a deposit of $25 each as well. Talk to the superintendent to get additional keys. If you sell your apartment, you must return the keys to get back your deposit(s).

Entrance and elevator locks will be replaced occasionally for security’s sake. Announcements to shareholders and sublessees/renters will be made in such instances. When this happens, shareholders (or sublessees/renters) should turn in the old keys to the superintendent for replacement.

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