Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in the basements of 31–37 Nagle Avenue and 14 Bogardus Place. The laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day.

The washing machines and dryers operate with a SmartCard system — no coins are necessary. Each laundry room has a Coded Value Adder (CVA) machine that allows you to add value to your SmartCard. The CVA accepts all major credit cards. You should have received a SmartCard from the managing agent or the superintendent when you moved in or when the new laundry company came on board. If you need a replacement or additional SmartCard, you may request one online.

If you encounter a problem in the laundry room, please call the laundry company, Hercules, at +1 800 526-5760, or fill out the online service request form. If there are ongoing difficulties that have not been resolved adequately by Hercules, please bring them to the attention of the managing agent. (See also Washing Machines and Dryers.)

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