Cats, dogs, and other pets are permitted in the co-op only if the pets do not create a nuisance. You should ensure that your pet does not interfere with the right of other residents to the “quiet enjoyment” of their apartments (see Noise and Other Disturbances). In addition, you must be certain that your pet does not pose a threat to the safety of any person and that you eliminate any odor or other byproducts of your pet.

Dogs in our co-op must be licensed by the New York City Department of Health. Cats must be spayed or neutered and must have received all customary immunizations. Pet owners are required to provide the co-op with documentation of compliance with these requirements. If you have not already done so, please send our managing agent a copy of such documentation.

If there are complaints about a pet that is said to be interfering with other residents, the burden of proof will always be on the pet owner, and the decision of the Board regarding resolution of any such disputes is final.

Pets should always be carried or on a leash in the public areas of the co-op, and, as a matter of courtesy, pet owners should inquire before entering an elevator with a pet whether other passengers object to riding with the pet. Pets are not allowed on the roof deck or the lower courtyard at any time. Pets are not allowed to pass between Nagle and Bogardus. Pets are allowed to pass through the trash area from the Bogardus basement exit to the Bogardus exit ramp.

Pigeons, cats, and other stray animals should not be fed anywhere around the co-op. (See also Feeding Stray and Wild Animals.)

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