COVID-19 – Update, 15 May 2020


To: All Residents – Nagle Apartments

Date: 15 May 2020

Re: COVID-19 – Update

Please make sure these notices are reviewed with all residents in your apartment. This includes but is not limited to family, aides, domestic employees, renters, and sub-tenants.

Annual shareholders meeting

The annual meeting originally scheduled for next month has been postponed to the fall, when, hopefully, it will be safe to meet as a community in some fashion. Board elections will be held at the meeting. As soon as there is clarity on what date the meeting will be held, official notices will be sent out. Financial information will be sent out by the end of the month.

Non-essential work

  • As parts of the State move towards phase 1 of re-opening plan as set forth by the Governor, NYC is not part of that yet. That means that non-essential work is not allowed in apartments at this time, and any future work must be approved by management prior to being scheduled.
  • As soon as that is possible for your building it will be announced. Please be advised that any alterations or major renovations will have to be done under very strict guidelines to limit traffic in the buildings and to be sensitive to the many residents working from home in terms of noise.

Executive order – face coverings

Governor Cuomo issued an executive order still in effect stating that masks or face coverings must be worn anywhere that you are unable to maintain proper social distancing.

  • All residents should be wearing masks or face coverings when they leave their apartments at all times. Hallways, lobbies, elevators, laundry rooms, and mail rooms are all areas where it is hard to properly practice social distancing.
  • Anyone non-resident who enters the building must have a face covering. There are no exceptions.

No smoking

  • Smoke is not permitted to escape your apartment and into common areas per building regulations. This is especially important during these times of residents being primarily at home. As the weather gets warmer and windows are opened, smoke should not waft into neighbors’ windows either.
  • Do not smoke outside of any building entrance. This is not permitted at any time and especially during this period of social distancing. Walk away from the building if you are going to smoke.


  • Please make sure that all trash is bagged properly. Loose trash, especially organic garbage, should not be placed in trash barrels or thrown down the compactor chute. It has to be bagged.
  • Trash bags being placed in the trash barrels should be sealed tightly. This helps prevent vermin.
  • Recycling must be organized properly. Boxes should be broken down and only placed in proper areas for collection.


As all residents adjust to staying home, please remember that there will be more regular noise than usual, especially during the day. There are people working from home, students home schooling, and non-essential workers out of work, among others. However, please be respectful of your neighbors and try to limit noise as best as possible. Physical activities should be curtailed to apartment conditions and coordinated on a schedule with your neighbors, if it is problematic. All apartments are required to have 80 percent floor coverings.