COVID-19 – Updated rules and guidelines

The following is a reproduction of a memo distributed to all residents on 1 April 2020 (PDF of original memo).

To: All residents of Nagle Apartments

Date: 1 April 2020

Re: COVID-19 – Updated rules and guidelines

Given the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic, and the need to severely limit everyone’s exposure, we are enhancing previous guidelines to maximize the safety of our residents and building staff. These rules and guidelines are effective immediately.

Building matters

  • The gym has been closed following state guidelines. Gym fees will be credited back for March and April as well as any future months. April fees will appear on your statement as they were processed before credits could be applied. You will see credits on your May statement.
  • Access to the roof and fire escapes is not allowed at any time other than an emergency. This is still in effect during the current health crisis. This is a major violation.
  • Garage parkers please check with the garage for closures during the evening and weekends. If you need your car for essential work purposes, please contact them. The corporation does not operate the garage.


  • Many neighbors have volunteered to help those who are in need. The list of volunteers is posted in the lobby. You can also contact for contacts.

Guests/domestic employees

  • We strongly suggest you either have no or few guests to help protect yourselves and the most vulnerable residents of the building.
  • Domestic employees such as dog walkers are not considered essential workers and should not be entering the building. Please be aware that there are scams involving cleaning services throughout the city. Any cleaning company must provide insurance before entering apartments.


  • Delivery personnel, including packages, should not deliver to apartments. If you are able to go to the lobby or can have someone get a package for you, please do so.
  • All residents should come down and pick up takeout food deliveries outside the front door if they are able to do so. If unable to go down, we suggest asking a volunteer for assistance.
  • We strongly suggest that you prepay your order to minimize cash transactions and expedite the picking up of your order.

Moves/large deliveries

  • All moves and large deliveries (e.g., furniture) that are not already scheduled will not be permitted for the next 4 weeks and may be limited after that time, as well. Unit owners should contact management.

Apartment alterations

  • To limit the number of visitors to the building and following non-essential work ban, all apartment alterations are cancelled for the next 4 weeks and may be limited after that time. Unit owners should contact management. Only emergency or essential repairs will be permitted in apartments during this time.

Building staff

  • The staff have been directed not to enter residents’ apartments unless there is an immediate health/safety issue or an emergency condition (e.g., fire or flood) within the apartment that requires immediate attention.
  • In all interactions, we urge residents and staff to be mindful of each other’s personal space and to practice social distancing.
  • The staff will continue with daily cleaning of commonly used surfaces, including wiping down the lobby door handles, laundry machines, and elevator buttons several times a day.


  • Please refrain from self-cleaning public areas. Improperly diluting bleach can be harmful to you and other residents and the employees. Only the staff should be cleaning common areas.
  • Clothing and electronic recycling have been suspended by the city. Do not bring any clothing or electronic recycling to the basement. It will not be picked up and creates a burden for the staff.
  • Do not dispose of any large bulk items. We realize this is a good time to do spring cleaning, but it creates unnecessary traffic and work for the staff at this time.
  • All trash must be tightly bagged before putting in the compactor or brought to the basement.
  • Do not leave items on top of barrels and make sure all lids are closed.
  • Do not leave anything in the compactor closets or outside the compactor. We are trying to keep the building as clean as possible and need everyone’s help.

Social distancing

  • Please limit riding in the elevator with anyone you are not currently staying with in your apartment. It is perfectly acceptable—indeed recommended—that you request that individuals wait for the next elevator.
  • Please do not linger in the laundry room while waiting for clothes to be washed. Limiting the number of people in the room is imperative. Once clothes are in, please leave the area.
  • Do not linger in the lobby or outside entrances for any length of time.

These rules are in line with the steps being taken by the NYC property management community. We expect total compliance with these rules. Staff have been directed to inform management if residents are not adhering to these rules, and we ask you do the same.

We hope all residents remain healthy and safe!