COVID-19 – Update, 3 April 2020

The following is a reproduction of a memo distributed to all residents on 3 April 2020 (PDF of original memo).

To: All Residents – Blue Woods Management Group, Inc. properties

Date: 3 April 2020

Re: COVID-19 – Update, 3 April 2020

Please see below information, reminders and guidelines during these trying times.

No smoking

  • Do not smoke outside of any building entrance. This is not permitted at any time and especially during this period of social distancing. Walk away from the building if you are going to smoke.


  • To prevent the virus from becoming airborne, do not shake out laundry before washing.
  • Use the hottest wash and dry cycles allowed for your clothing to help eliminate the virus.
  • Do not use more detergent that the manufacturer suggests. Rather use bleach where allowed by your clothes.
  • Clean laundry should not go in the same bag or basket as dirty laundry. Disinfect the bag or basket after removing dirty laundry so clean clothes are not contaminated.
  • Do not place dirty laundry on folding tables. Only clean clothes should be touching the tables.

Financial struggles

  • Many shareholders may have financial issues during this difficult time. Management is looking at any opportunities that may allow relief to the corporation, which can be passed along to shareholders. Currently there are no mortgage or real estate tax relief offered to corporations. There are forbearance relief programs for any personal mortgages you may have to help lessen the financial burden at this time. We highly recommend pursuing those options available.

First responders

  • Thank you to all the residents who are first responders and people working on the front lines to keep everyone safe and sound. That includes those in the medical field, police, fire, and the unsung heroes working in grocery stores. We also thank the building staff for continuing to do their jobs and provide extra cleaning services.