STAR Credit Program Registration for 2014

Re: STAR Credits – Block 02171, Lot 0012

Please be advised that New York State has made changes to the STAR credit program effective for 2014. For those that currently receive the STAR credit you will need to re-register by 31 December 2013 to continue receiving the credit. The STAR credit is given back each year on your maintenance bills. This year the credit was given back over three months, April, May and June.

New York State is mailing all shareholders who currently receive STAR credits a personalized letter with instructions and an ID required to re-register. Registration can be done online or over the phone. Click here to register online. You need to follow the instructions on the site. You may also register via phone by calling +1 518 457-2036.

If you do not receive the letter from the State in the next couple weeks, you can retrieve your ID code online by following the instructions using the above link.

Please make sure you register as soon as possible, it only takes a couple minutes to complete the questionnaire.

If you currently do not receive the STAR credit, you have to apply on your own. The building cannot apply for you as it does for the co-op tax abatement. The deadline to apply for the next tax year is 15 March 2014. Fill out the application. The Block and Lot for the building is listed above.

The managing agent contact information to use is on the managing agent page, and you can include Justin Verret as the contact person.

This notice will be sent out multiple times through the end of the year. Please make sure to register before the deadline to ensure you continue to receive the credit. If you do not receive a notice and are not sure if you currently receive the STAR credit, please contact the managing agent.