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2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 19 October 2020

To: All Shareholders of Nagle Apartments Corp.
From: Justin Verret
Date: 15 September 2020
Re: 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, 19 October 2020, 7pm, Zoom video conference

Enclosed you will find the Notice of Meeting for the Nagle Apartments Corp. 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Please fill out the proxy and mail it or fax it to my attention to ensure we have a quorum for the meeting. If you are going to attend the meeting, your proxy will not be used.

Due to the video conferencing, we ask that questions be submitted prior to the meeting so they may be answered. Questions can also be submitted during the meeting via email or the chat feature on Zoom. Instructions are attached for in-meeting participation.

If you wish to run for the Board, please send a bio to my attention so it can be distributed to the shareholders before the meeting. I should be in receipt of this bio no later than Thursday, 1 October, in order to have it distributed prior to the meeting with proxy ballots. Write-in votes will be available on the proxy ballots sent out prior to the meeting. You are encouraged to include a picture or headshot. The bio can be emailed to and should be in Word format.

A general proxy is attached. We do ask that everyone return the proxy prior to the meeting so that there is a quorum. You will be able to return a ballot if there is a contested election prior to the meeting regardless if you submit a proxy. Please fill out the proxy and mail, email, or fax it to my attention.

We realize this may be a new meeting experience, but it can run smoothly and efficiently.

[Note: Zoom details are being sent to all shareholders by email.]