Monthly Archives: October 2013

Heating Season and Radiator Maintenance

To: All Residents
From: Justin Verret, Managing Agent
Re: Heating Season and Radiator Maintenance

Now that the heating season has started, I want to remind all residents about proper radiator maintenance. Radiators and radiator valves are the responsibility of each shareholder. Following the procedures below will minimize repairs and damage to your apartment as well as your neighbors’.

  • Radiator valves should only be kept in the on or off position. That means turned completely and not left partially open or closed. If the valve does not move freely, please contact the superintendent. Do not try to force the valve.
  • Please check the radiators periodically to see if they are leaking. Most leaks occur by the valve and drip slowly. Report any leaks to the superintendent immediately. The sooner they are reported, the more quickly and easily they can be repaired. Damage can result to the flooring as well as the plaster ceiling and walls in the apartment below you.
  • If you feel you are too hot, please notify me so that I can track overheating complaints. Please try to close all your radiators and try not to open windows to regulate temperature. The building is required by law to heat all apartments following specific guidelines. However, due to the nature of the radiator system and the size of the building, overheating can occur. Turning off radiators as opposed to opening windows helps in lowering fuel costs.