Board Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held once a month. The schedule is posted on the bulletin boards in each lobby and on the online calendar — all shareholders are welcome to attend the open sessions of the meetings. Board meeting minutes are public records and are available to interested shareholders from the managing agent.

If you wish that a particular subject be addressed during a Board meeting, you may request that the subject be added to the agenda for an upcoming meeting by sending a written request to the managing agent. If the matter can be handled through other venues not requiring a full hearing by the Board of Directors, the managing agent will notify the shareholder of how to resolve the situation. If the matter merits a hearing during a Board meeting, it will be added to the agenda for discussion as soon as possible at a future meeting.

For more information on how to resolve problems or handle situations, see Whom to Contact, Comments and Suggestions, and Complaints and Resolution of Problems.

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