What is included in the monthly maintenance fee of an apartment?

The maintenance fee for an apartment is the apartment shareholder’s share of the costs associated with the upkeep of the buildings. These charges include payments on the buildings’ underlying mortgage, real estate taxes, water and sewer fees, heating fuel costs, utilities for the common areas, salaries for building employees, insurance, and other expenses of operating the co-op. (The portion of the maintenance fee that constitutes the shareholder’s portion of the underlying mortgage interest payments and real estate taxes can be declared as a tax deduction on IRS Form 1040.) The maintenance fee is calculated proportionately according to the number of shares allocated to each apartment, and it applies whether the apartment is occupied or not. The current monthly maintenance fee schedule is as follows ($7.001 per share per month as of 01/01/2019):

  2-BR Larger 1-BR
(W line)
Standard 1-BR Smaller 1-BR
(R line)
Floors 1&2 $910.13 $735.11 $700.10 $595.09 $385.06
Floors 3&4 $945.14 $770.11 $735.11 $630.09 $420.06
Floors 5&6 $980.14 $805.12 $770.11 $665.10 $455.07