Garage Roof and Interior Repair Program (Update)

The following is a reproduction of a memo delivered to shareholders on 27 August 2014.

(View/download the scanned memo [PDF, 46KB])

To: All Residents of Nagle Apartments
From: Justin Verret
Re: Garage Roof and Interior Repair Program
Date: 27 August 2014

Please be advised that the main garage level roof replacement is almost complete. The new roof membrane will be installed by the end of next week if not much sooner. The new roof does not have a paver or walkway system at this point. It should only be used for emergency passage or to get from the Bogardus basement to the Bogardus side gate. Smoking or grilling is prohibited on the roof as it will damage the membrane. Please do not bring chairs or other furniture onto the roof as it will damage the membrane.

The roof is still a construction area and should not be accessed for regular passage or recreational activities at any time. The fencing and stairways still require repairs and are a hazard until completed. Please stay off the roof and stairs.

The work on the interior of the garage will begin in full force on September 2nd. There will be loud noises during demolition of existing concrete in need of repair. The plan is to have the first floor of the garage open to residents by October 1st. This will be updated as work progresses.