Board of Directors, 2013–2014

From: Steve Vernon, President
Date: 23 September 2013

Dear Shareholders,

I wanted to let you know of some Board member changes since the annual meeting.

At the annual meeting, Terry Vernon was on the ballot to return to the Board (Terry and I are married). During the meeting, Terry declined to run again when someone new showed interest in running, our longtime neighbor, Vilma Rios. With these two changes, there were nine people vying for nine seats and so no runoff election was necessary and the shareholders voted on all via acclamation.

Subsequently it was discovered that, while Vilma is a long time resident, she was not yet a shareholder and thus ineligible to run for the Board.

Two names surfaced in the interim to fill Vilma’s seat: Terry Vernon and Kristin Tsafos. Both candidates had prior Board experience.

Babette Crain offered to step down from the Board so that the Board would not have to choose between Terry and Kristin to fill the one slot (as with Babette stepping down, there were two open seats).

I wanted to thank Babette, though belatedly, for her service and dedication to the Board, the building and to me personally. She is an example of what being a great neighbor is all about.

Since Babette is no longer on the Board, she is requesting that if you have a comment, compliment or complaint, please reach out to the other Board members, management or me. Being as active as she is, however, I am sure I will still “hear about it” from her if things go astray.

Here are your 2013–2014 Board members:

President: Steve Vernon, 6S*
Vice President: Ross Williams, 5S*
Treasurer: Ryan Scott, 2T*
Secretary: Kristin Tsafos, 4R*
Scott Lahodny, 1J*
David Sykes, IT*
Terry Vernon, 6S*
Elisabeth Furtado, 6J
Jeaninne Jones, 2K

*Served on a prior Board