Maintenance/Rent Payments and Late Fees

Maintenance is due on or before the first day of each month. (If you rent a co-op-owned apartment, then your rent is also due on or before the first day of the month.) Maintenance (and rent for co-op-owned apartments) may be delivered by mail to the management company’s lockbox. Make your check payable to “Nagle Apartments Corp.” and send it to:

Nagle Apartments Corp.
c/o Blue Woods Management Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 5135
White Plains, NY 10602-5135

Don’t forget to write your account number on the check, include the payment stub, and make sure the address shows through the envelope window.

As an alternative, payments may be made automatically by preauthorized direct debit from your bank account. If you would like to have payments made using this method, please fill out the Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Direct Debit Payments (PDF, 32KB) and mail it along with a voided check to Blue Woods Management Group, Inc., 42 River Street, 2nd Floor, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591. The funds transfer is scheduled to occur on the fifth business day of the month, excluding bank holidays. If you have questions, contact Blue Woods at 914-524-8600.

A late fee of 1.24% of the total balance owed may be assessed if your full maintenance (or rent) payment is not received and credited by the 16th day of the month.

If you do not pay your maintenance (or rent) on time, you will receive notices from the managing agent. The managing agent will be happy to meet or speak with you by phone to discuss and resolve the problem. If you do not pay your maintenance (or rent) for two months, and do not meet with the managing agent to resolve the problem, eviction proceedings will be initiated (see Evictions).

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