Cable/Internet and Satellite TV Service

Our buildings are wired for cable service provided by Spectrum. The co-op has entered into a bulk discounted rate program with Spectrum effective 1 August 2017. The current rate is $65 per month (including fees and taxes), which will appear on your monthly co-op statement/bill. As part of the monthly fee, every apartment receives one HD cable box with Spectrum TV package, including Showtime, and one 100 Mbps modem. You will be charged directly by Spectrum only if you have DVRs, other premium channels or channel lineups, phone service, or Internet speed upgrades. Current monthly prices for these add-ons are as follows:

Other premium channels $15.00
DVR service (1 DVR) $11.99
DVR service (2–4 DVRs) $19.99
Phone (nationwide–domestic) $29.99
Internet speed upgrade to 300 Mbps $40.00

To request service or if you have any questions about it, please contact Spectrum directly at +1 844 528-3792 to speak to a service representative. If you have questions about the bulk rate cable TV and Internet charge on your maintenance bill, please contact the co-op’s managing agent.

Satellite TV service

The Board does not permit the installation of satellite dishes. They deface the building through the installation process, they are an eyesore that the Board does not want to encourage, and they create a hazard (they could fall from their clamps).

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