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Garage roof and interior repair program (update, 2015-03-06)

The following is a reproduction of a memo from Managing Agent Justin Verret, posted to the building bulletin boards on 6 March 2015.

(View/download the scanned memo [PDF, 50KB].)

To: All Residents of Nagle Apartments
From: Justin Verret
Re: Garage Roof and Interior Repair Program
Date: 6 March 2015

As the garage interior project completed its 7th month, the upper level structural and concrete repairs have been completed. The soundproofing and insulation below the residential areas of 31 Nagle and 14 Bogardus are being completed this week. The new lighting and the new epoxy flooring is scheduled to be done by March 25th. At that time the first floor will be able to be partially open for residential parking. Specific information on Nagle Apartment Corp. residents registering for using the garage will be sent out by next week.

The work on the bottom floor is over two-thirds completed, with the majority of the cement fireproofing already being done. The structural repairs to the steel support beams will be done on or about April 3rd. At that time the floors and lighting will be prepped for installation. The lower level of the garage should be open by May 15th, and Xinos should be completely done with the project by May 31st.

The garage roof level will have the railings installed and will be reopened to general traffic in about 4 weeks. Until then, please continue to not walk on the roof. It is still a construction site. The roof sill still not able to be used recreationally. The board has chosen a roof deck designer, and the construction of that roof deck will be at the end of summer or early fall. In the interim, there will be areas designated for furniture so the roof can be used. Furniture cannot be placed directly on the new roofing material (both white and blue).