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Garage Roof and Interior Repair Program

The following is a reproduction of a memo delivered to shareholders by Managing Agent Justin Verret on 16 April 2014.

(View/download the scanned memo [PDF, 63KB].)

To: All Residents of Nagle Apartments Corp.
From: Justin Verret
Re: Garage Roof and Interior Repair Program

The garage roof replacement and interior garage repairs are set to begin next week. The garage will remain open for parking until May 31st. The focus of the first part of the project is to remove the existing roofing off of the garage roof and install a new waterproof membrane and roofing material.

On April 21st the garage roof will start to be removed. Just like the building roof removed 2 years ago, there is asbestos in the original material that has to be abated. A professionally licensed and insured asbestos abatement company has been hired to do the removal. Rand Engineering is overseeing the process and it is filed and signed off on by the State of New York. In order to follow federal regulations, the garage roof will not be accessible by residents during the abatement process. The abatement is scheduled to take 5 weeks. During that time there will not be access to the garage roof from any of the buildings. The playground and garden area will still be accessible from the Nagle basement exits. However, they will not be accessible directly from Bogardus. If you have plans to use these areas for activities, please plan accordingly. The roof deck furniture will be moved to the garden area.

The path from the Bogardus basement to the trash area and sidewalk ramp will have to be closed for one day. A special barrier is being installed after that one day so that the exit and access to the trash and the ramp will be available at all times. There will be a notification when that date is scheduled sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Those on the second floor with windows that open directly out onto the garage roof will have to have your windows protected while the abatement is being performed. This is a federal requirement and has to be done during the process.

The type of asbestos in the roofing material is only dangerous if it is turned into dust. To prevent this, the material will be sprayed with encapsulating foam and immediately sealed in airtight bags. This is the same process done to the building roofs and is the proper way to abatement the material.

An updated schedule on the actual roof replacement and work will be posted towards the end of the abatement project. The roofing waterproofing should take 4–6 weeks, then the majority of remaining work will be done inside the garage and will not affect the day-to-day operations or activities in the building. The whole project is expected to be completed in early September.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.