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STAR, Veteran and Senior Citizen Credits

To: All Shareholders
From: Blue Woods Management Group
Date: 23 January 2013

We wish to advise all shareholders that the City of New York still has not issued the STAR, Veteran and Senior Citizen credits that are normally issued by this time. We are, therefore, unable to apply the credits to the February maintenance bills, as we had hoped. As soon as the information is received, we will apply the credits to your account.

Thank you for your patience while the City processes this information.

For more information about these credits, please see Tax Relief Programs.

Personal Income Tax Return Data for 2012

The following is a reproduction of a memo sent on 14 January 2013 to all shareholders by our co-op’s certified public accountants: Prisand, Mellina, Unterlack & Co., LLP.

(View/download the scanned memo [PDF, 47KB].)



Dear Shareholders:

Under the provisions of Section 216 of the Internal Revenue Code, a tenant stockholder of a Cooperative apartment is entitled to deduct from personal gross income a proportionate share of interest and real estate tax paid or incurred by the Cooperative Corporation. Note that these deductions are generally available if the taxpayer itemizes tax deductions.

For the year 2012 your Per Share individual income tax deductions are as follows:

MORTGAGE INTEREST    $10.6756 per share

REAL ESTATE TAX    $19.3888 per share

For the year 2012, if you were granted any real estate tax abatements, reflected in a maintenance credit or received by check, your real estate tax deduction as stated above should be reduced by the amount of the abatements you received.

In order to compute your total deductions for 2012, multiply the number of shares owned by you, as indicated on your stock certificate, by the amounts per share stated above. If you became a stockholder, or sold your stock in the Corporation during 2012, you are permitted to deduct a fractional part of the figures, based on the proportionate part of the year you owned the stock

Contributed capital in 2012 was $22.7010 per share for mortgage amortization and $1.8600 per share for capital assessment. This is not a deduction, but an increase in the basis of your investment.

Should you have any questions regarding the application of the aforementioned information to your individual income tax returns, please consult your personal tax advisor.

Certified Public Accountants