It is prohibited for Lessees, their guests, workers and building staff to smoke in any common areas inside the building or in any of the building’s outdoor common areas other than the designated smoking area in the courtyard, or allow cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke or any other kind of smoking odors to escape from an apartment into any common area or other apartment.

A shareholder that has been notified by the Board or an agent for the Board that the Board has received a complaint from more than one resident concerning smoking odors escaping from the shareholder’s apartment interfering with the use and enjoyment of an apartment or a common area must undertake to seal the apartment so that smoking odors are not escaping from the apartment. The Shareholder may request to discuss the violation with the Board of Directors at the next scheduled Board meeting in private session before any required work is required to be done.

After notification, if the shareholder does not complete the above undertaking within 21 (twenty-one) days of the dated notice of complaint, the corporation shall perform the undertaking at the sole expense of the shareholder.

A shareholder who is in violation of this House Rule may be subject to a fine for each violation, and, if after notice, said conduct may be considered objectionable and the shareholder’s conduct undesirable, as these terms are defined pursuant to Article 31(f) of the Proprietary Lease.