The co-op has done several things to help ensure the security of its residents. Our front door keys are expensive and may not be duplicated. We have locks on the elevators so that only residents may reach the basement. We have an intercom system so that you know who you’re buzzing into the building. And we have installed security cameras at each entrance so that you can view who is at the door by tuning to cable Channel 998. We also hold several parties throughout the year so that neighbors may meet neighbors.

However, we need your cooperation as well. Here is what you can do for security:

  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Never buzz anyone in without first hearing their voice on the intercom or seeing them on your television screen on Channel 998.
  • Install a safety gate on the window leading to the fire escape (see Fire Escapes and Window Gates for more information).
  • Always make sure the front door closes behind you when you enter or exit the building.
  • Do not enter the building behind someone who pushed in front of you. Turn around, walk down the sidewalk, and seek assistance.
  • If someone pushes in behind you, start screaming for help immediately.
  • Do not be shy about calling the 34th Precinct (+1 212 927-9711) or 911 if you see someone acting suspicious.

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